The Gold Luxe Christmas Tree

We've found the formula for the perfect glitz and glamour tree filled with gold and silver. Our snow pine tree is the perfect base for a luxe look with 6670 lights. This is truly a magical look in any space of your choice. The mix of gold and silver is a classic look perfectly matched back with our velvets. Pick any of our gold, silver, champagne decorations on your tree and customise as you wish. Don't forget to add our mix of glittery, gold sprays that will bring your tree a whole new dimension. Our soft array of butterflies and birds are the magical details that add the finishing touch.

Want the tree as we've got it? All the products needed to make this gorgeous tree is listed below. We recommended purchasing 6-8 of each decoration as we've used. This will fill up two-thirds of your tree. Want the full experience? Simply add to the quantity of decorations from there ... there can never be too much festivity!

Gold Christmas Tree

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