Sleep Well Set


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Wrap yourself in the soothing aromas of lavender with this fragranced roller ball and iconic pillow spray duo, providing your mind and body with the tools for a peaceful and full night's sleep. Beauty sleep is a must as it is when our body repairs itself and removes toxins so make the Sleep Well Set, the very first step in your skincare and wellness routine

This set contains a mini Sleep well natural roll-on sleep oil aid and a full size of Sleep Pillow Spray. The pillow spray contains a natural and effective blend of lavender, chamomile and proven to help you fall asleep faster. The roller ball is a handy travel sized companion to the Sleep Well Set. Sleep mask is lightly padded with an elasticated, satin-covered strap for extra comfort 


  • Beautifully gift packaged 
  • No Paraben, cruelty free
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Sleep Mask/ Pillow Spray/ Sleep well oil.
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